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LDAP Certificate Dumper

The reference implementation source tree provides a tool retrieving user and organizational certificates by email address or domain using LDAP and writing the certificate to a DER encoded file. The tool is located under the /java/agent/tools directory in the source tree and is named for unix/linux based systems and ldapCertDumper.bat for Windows.

LDAP Certificate Resolution

The Direct Project defines a method for resolving public certificates using LDAP. In some cases, it may be desirable to manually download a public certificate using LDAP and dump it to a file. The ldapCertDumper tool uses the LDAPCertificateResolver with the public SRV resolver to locate certificates using an email address or a domain name. Certificates are located using the resolution algorithms defined by the Direct Project meaning the resolver will look for user level certificates first then fall back to searching for organizational certificates if a user level certificate can not be found.


To run the tool, run the following command in the /java/agent/tools directory:





Running the tools without and parameters will display the options:

java LDAPCertDumper (options)...

-add address		Email address of org/domain to retrieve certs for.

-out  Out File		Optional output file name for the cert.
			Default: <email address>(<cert num>).der

If one or more certificates are discovered, the files are written to DER encoded files. If a file with the same name as the out file already exists, the tool will over write the file with a new file.

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