Changes included with release 6.0

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Requires Java 8 or higher.
  • Removal of support of James 2 and James 3 beta. James 3.2.0 is now the base version.
  • Replacement of JPA DAO classes with Spring Data repository interfaces.
  • Update to Spring 5.1.x, introduction of SpringBoot 2.1.x and SpringCloud Greenwich
  • Replacement of Jersey with Spring MVC
  • Removal of Guice and replace with Spring configuration
  • Update to Tomcat 9.x
  • Ability to run services as SpringBoot stand-alone applications vs Tomcat servlet containers/James server (experimental)
  • Documentation moved to GitHub pages.


Changes included with release 5.1

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Additional commands added to the ConfigManager to support scripting operations previously only available in the config-ui.
  • Ability to log message digest information for ONC 2015 HealthIt Certification
  • CertGen tool can sign CSR requests for testing purposes.
  • New operations for key management in the key store management tool. Includes RSA key generation, key wrapping, and CRS creation.
  • Enhanced integration between the config service certificate store resolver and PCKS11 tokens.
  • Config-ui can now import private key files; no longer just supports PKCS12 files.
  • Agent Version 2.2.1 See agent release notes
  • Gateway Version 4.2 See gateway release notes
  • Direct Common Version 2.1 See direct-common release notes
  • Config-Ui Version 2.1
  • Config Manager 1.2


Changes included with release 5.0

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Applicability statement v1.2 compliance
  • Enhanced private key security and protection
  • Policy filtering in DNS server
  • Config-ui converted to utilize config service REST API and supports importing encrypted p12 files
  • Agent Version 2.1.1 See agent release notes
  • Gateway Version 4.1 See gateway release notes
  • DNS Server Version 1.5 See dns release notes
  • Direct Common Version 2.0 See direct-common release notes
  • Message monitor Version 1.1.7 See message-monitor release notes


Changes included with release 4.0

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Implementation of config-service via REST API
  • Plugable auth model for REST resources
  • Database backed auditing implementation
  • Pluggalbe audit model
  • PKCS12 certificate files encrypted by default in config-service storage.
  • PKCS11/Cryptoki module support for storage of secret keys that protect P12 certificate files.
  • Agent Version 2.0.13 See agent release notes:
  • Gateway Version 4.0 See gateway release notes:
  • DNS Server Version 1.2.5 See dns release notes:
  • Direct Common Version 1.4.2 See dns release notes:


Changes included with release 3.0.1

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Updated to Config Management Console 1.0.1


Changes included with release 3.0

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Java 7 supported as a runtime environment.
  • Tomcat updated to Version 7.0.41
  • Policy Enablement Version 1.0 See direct-policy release notes:
  • Agent Version 2.0.2 See agent release notes:
  • Gateway Version 3.0.1 See gateway release notes:
  • DNS Server Version 1.2.3 See dns release notes:
  • New configuration manager command line tool: ConfigMgmtConsole. Replaces DNSMgmtConsole with an all in one configuration tool.
  • Config-service updated to version 1.5.1. This upgrade is required for the new policy enablement functionality.
  • Fixed classpath issues in James3 causing Direct messages to not be process.
  • Logging config updated in James 3 to logs org.nhindirect package messages.
  • FreeBSD 9.1 added as a supported platform.
  • Ubuntu 13.10 (Raring Ringtail) added as a supported platform.


Changes included with release 2.1.1

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Updated wrapper.conf in James 3 to fix class path order issues. Current version is not pulling in configuration files from /conf directory to class loading order.
  • Updated install documentation with corrected sudo commands and storing environment variables as global variables.


Changes included with release 2.1

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Tomcat updated to Version 7.0.34
  • Additional fixes for MU2 compliance
  • Agent Version 1.5.5 See agent release notes:
  • Gateway Version 2.1 See gateway release notes:
  • Initial support for Direct trust bundles. Allows for configuration and downloading of bundles into Direct instance.
  • Config-service updated to version 1.3. This upgrade required for the new gateway and trust bundle functionality.
  • Minor look and feel changes in config-ui tool.
  • Improved James 3 experimental support.


Changes included with release 2.0.1

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Tomcat updated to Version 7.0.34
  • Various fixes for MU2 compliance
  • Agent Version 1.5.4 See agent release notes:
  • Message Monitoring Service 1.1.4 See msg-monitor release notes:


Changes included with release 2.0

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Tomcat updated to Version 7.0.32
  • Ubuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) added as a supported platform.
  • Agent Version 1.5.3 See agent release notes:
  • Gateway Version 2.0.2. See gateway release notes:
  • Message Monitoring Service 1.1.3 See msg-monitor release notes:
  • XD Mailet Version 1.1.3
  • Support for delivery notification implementation guide.
  • Bounce messages can be automatically created for out bound messages that fail security and trust. See gateway configuration:
  • Bounce messages automatically generated for failed message delivery.
  • Bounce messages are automatically generated by the monitoring service if required notifications are not received by the sending system.
  • By default, MDN processed messages are now suppressed and are not delivered to the edge client. See gateway configuration:
  • Experimental support for Apache James Server 3.0-beta4.


Changes included with release 1.4

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Support for Ubuntu 12.04 - Precise Pangolin
  • Tomcat updated to Version 7.0.27
  • Agent Version 1.4.2. See agent release notes:
  • Gateway Version 1.5.1. See gateway release notes:
  • DNS Version 1.2.1. See DNS release notes:
  • XD Version 1.0.2


Changes included with release 1.3

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Tomcat updated to Version 7.0.23
  • Configuration Service 1.2.1
  • DNS Version 1.2
  • Gateway Version 1.3
  • Agent Version 1.2.2
  • XD Version 1.0.1
  • Bare Metal documentation moved to Doxia book in users guide
  • Assembly includes agent tools including certificate generator


Changes included with release 1.2


  • Version 1.2 of configuration UI web application.
  • DNS version 1.1. Includes CNAME and NS record support.

Bug Fixes

  • Agent fixes - Updated to version 1.1.5


Changes included with release 1.1


  • Includes XD transformation in gateway and web services.

Bug Fixes

  • Agent and Gateway fix releases


Changes included with release 1.0.

  • Requires Java SE 1.6 or greater.